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In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah

I decided on attending the summer Arabic program more to save the little Arabic knowledge I possessed than anything else. I had taken a few Arabic courses at the University of Toronto, and was soon struggling due to my own weaknesses. For the next couple of years after stopping my Arabic studies, I repeatedly intended to make my own independent course of study (which of course never happened) and I began to lose what I had struggled hard to gain. Studying Arabic in Syria or Yemen was always wishful thinking. So alhumdulillah, the summer Arabic program was a saving grace. (Note: I don't discourage people from studying Arabic at university because I don't regret it. I know the university has produced some excellent students in Arabic, and has surely taught many to read to some degree for which we are all grateful. I simply want to draw attention to another excellent alternative that is now available).

In a month's time, we covered over half of the introductory Arabic course at the university level, which is a good chunk of Arabic grammar itself. They really weren't joking when they said the program would be "intensive." The study is in-depth, and our grammatical analyses are also more advanced because perfecting Arabic grammar is essential to understanding sacred texts properly.

As far as possible, study is linked to The Divine. Starting the day with the science of tajweed/recitation of the Qur'an bears witness to the purpose of the program, and to knowledge itself. In addition to translating other material, you'll be translating "Stories of the Prophets (as)" into Arabic. The classical approach to education (in perfect English where even English majors will pick up some English grammar) has so much to offer in itself and it's my honor to witness some of the brilliance it has produced, masha'Allah.

The pace may be a little daunting at first (beautiful patience!) but the constant repetition of the material means that, insha'Allah, the bulb will light sooner or later and the fuzz will become clear. The constant drills ("not again!") will keep you from sleeping in class even if the teacher can't see you, and no matter how much you dread them, you'll be thanking your teacher before you know it. With internal beauty that shines through masha'Allah, Sister Bana has touched the hearts of many diverse women in the program.

Classes are small, there is genuine concern for students (so don't worry, the pace is not intended to weed people out), and there is real bonding (between sisters anyway) on this lifelong quest.

Wassalamu alaikum warahmatullah
Aneesa Patel


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