“Don’t you wish you could understand the Qur'an directly? In Arabic? Without translation? Free live training reveals how to read Arabic in 21 short days!”


How many times have you asked, “Why is learning Arabic so hard even though it’s supposed to be easy?”

A few? A dozen? At least once?

And how many times have you found an answer that actually gives you hope in your own ability to master it?

Exactly. Because HERE is your answer.

If you’re looking to understand the Qur’an when you stand in prayers this upcoming Ramadan, you NEED to attend this free web-class.

It’s free AND packed with more than an entire YEAR’S worth of university Arabic.

Yes, because Arabic has a CORE and CENTRAL theme that can be taught in an incredibly short period of time.

Knowing this CORE puts you head and shoulders above other students who spend YEARS studying the language as a series of disconnected rules and long lists of words.

Did you know that the majority of meanings in Arabic don’t even come from words.

They come from:

1. Vowels
2. Patterns
3. grammatical structures

In this free web-class, you will learn how to master the core of how Arabic ACTUALLY works by focusing on the MECHANISM that governs the conveyance of “Non-word meanings”.

What in other languages requires separate words to communicate, Arabic does it through single vowels, entire configurations of vowels (what we call patterns) and grammatical structures.

That is, the WAY in which words are combined together results in meaning ABOVE AND BEYOND the meanings you get from the individual words.

I’ll share with you:

> How to END low motivation and eliminate confusion surrounding the language.

> The NEW way to master vocabulary without tedious memorization

> How to reduce the entire language into just two issues: “sequence not determining grammar” and the “lack of ‘is” issue.

> How the Arabic language RESOLVES these two issues through two VERY SIMPLE solutions that can be summarized in a sentence each.

> Plus a whole lot more

It’s hard to keep your enthusiasm for learning high when you’re continuously taught the basics again and again.

Told to memorize endless lists of vocabulary…

And taught rules that you really don’t understand and have no earthly idea of why they’re even important…

Or how they can ever lead to a better understanding of the Qur’an and Hadith…

While one, two or more Ramadans come and go and you’re still stuck at the same level. Year after Year.

That’s what this system is designed to help you avoid.

Learn how to dive straight into the core of the language and focus on the aspects that matter the most.

Bottom line?

> Be exposed to what TRULY makes Arabic superior and unique and become emotionally connected so you never give up

> Learn in a way that FEEDS your natural desire to learn and keeps you ENTHUSIASTIC

> Get a complete BIG PICTURE understanding of the entire language so new rules – instead of overwhelming you – actually excite you because you can see HOW they tie into the big picture

All you gotta do is register here and then show up on the live training.

Sound good?

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Join me and let me show you a one-of-a-kind approach that’s working really, really well.

See you then,