"It's Easy to Commit to Your Arabic Studies When You Know EXACTLY What Makes Arabic Unique and Superior"

We help students of the Arabic language experience the confidence and joy that comes from understanding an actual Arabic book within 21 days, all without time consuming homework, pointless exercises and tedious memorization. Click the button below and discover how to learn Arabic online quickly and without stress.

Are You Making This Big Mistake in Learning Arabic?

The single biggest cause for failure in learning Arabic online is to progress from the simple to the complex without having a big picture understanding of how the language works, and the fastest and most results-certain approach is to isolate from the language a core and a central theme and learn that first.

- Mufti Yusuf Mullan



Your current approach to studying Arabic that's holding you back in all sorts of ways:

Classes keep cancelling
Forced to start from alef ba ta again and again
Wasted time on conversational elements such as airports and hotels
Language seems difficult and overly complex
Confusing terminology
Fear of forgetting all the rules
Thoughts of being a poor learner or having a weak memory 
Student gets overwhelmed and looses the desire to study


Learn Arabic Online

Where you finally break through the start-up phase and experience the following:

Bird's eye view of the entire language taught up front
Student is exposed to what truly makes Arabic superior and unique
Able to begin actual reading by as soon as week 3
Leverages the 80-20 principle, resulting in learning 1600% faster! 
Able to read without vowels by as soon as the 7th month of part-time study
Vocabulary builds organically and effortlessly
Student does NOT get overwhelmed by too many rules that seem random

Trusted by 6,000+ Students Including Graduates of Universities Like:

How It Works

The following 7 steps summarize how we'll get you out of the beginner phase so you can learn Arabic online no different than if you were studying abroad at an established madrasah:

STEP 1: Study the CORE and Central Theme of How the Language Works 

When you learn this core and central theme first, you will have a bird's eye view of the entire language. This will help you learn Arabic quickly and without stress. Because now each time a new rule or pattern is introduced, it’s not going to be just a random piece of information that needs to be memorized. It’s now a key piece of the big picture that you eagerly grasp and put into place to make your understanding of the language clearer and clearer.

STEP 2: Begin Your First Arabic Book in the Third Week of Class

As you see the rules that you’ve learned come alive in the pages of this story book, your enthusiasm level will go through the roof. Not only that, but you’ll have a perfect opportunity to learn the rest of the language organically and contextually, based on need and necessity, as the author gradually brings more and more complex structures. 

STEP 3: Complete a 132 Page Classical Book in Grammar, Cover to Cover

Text: Hidayah an-Nahw

In the second semester (roughly the 7th month of study), we take everything we’ve learned in grammar and morphology and put it into practice as we start reading our first unvoweled text (i.e. without tashkeel, harakaat or zabr, zer and pesh). This is where you'll learn to think at the level of the scholars. 

STEP 4: Dive Deep into the Meanings of the Qur’an

Here we will be going through the verses of the Qur’an and learning about rhetorical devices and language patterns. We will cover two large surahs from the Qur’an with a very thorough grammatical and rhetorical analysis. The themes, language patterns and rhetorical devices you’ll learn about in these verses will equip you to understand hundreds of other verses like them.

STEP 5: Master Classical Logic and the Modes of Argument

Studying mantiq will deepen your appreciation of the Qur’an. Because entire sequences of verses within the Qur’an are formatted based on the rules of Logic. When you understand exactly why a particular argument leads to its conclusion you will appreciate the argument to a much higher degree. You’ll go beyond satisfaction into absolute certitude.

STEP 6: Attain True Proficiency Through Second Grammar Text

Text: Ibn Aqeel’s commentary on the Alfiyyah of Ibn Malik

Because this commentary is quite easy to understand, you’ll be able to focus your efforts on getting more proficient at reading quickly. Our aim is to gradually wean you off of conscious deciphering – and take you to the point where the deciphering becomes subconscious. So you can read and understand Arabic as quickly and easily as you do English.

STEP 7: Arabic Rhetoric (balaagha) or the Study of Eloquence 

Text: Mukhtasar Al-Ma’aaniImam Taftazani’s commentary on al-Qazweeni’s Talkhees Al Miftah

Rhetoric is the most exalted and noble area of study concerning the Arabic language. It is said that it is through the principles of Rhetoric (balaagha) that “the veils are removed from the faces of miraculousness within the verses of the Qur’an”.

The study of balaagha will open up a whole new world for you, exposing you to the most wondrous things. We’ve saved this text for the final months of Year 2 so that you’ll have something exciting to look forward to.

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“I had no experience with Arabic outside of knowing the alphabet, I was previously a Christian, and have been a Muslim for 3.5 years. Already by the third week, [I’m] reading an Arabic text, which is amazing! I definitely think this is worthy of your time and money,
everything is setup for you to succeed.”


"Mufti Yusuf tells us the reason many of our goals are unachieved is because they're not goals, they're just ideas. Had they been goals, we would have wrote them down, made steps towards them and progressed towards them."

omar khurshid

"This was a program made in heaven for me, where I could sit at my computer at my own pace with no stress.... What i've learned, I can go back and teach others. This is a program
where I've learned just in a few months more than I learned in a whole bachelor's degree."

tauhid rashad

"When I first read comments raving about shariah programme, I thought they were a bit over the top until I started the course… subhanallah wow!  It really is the only course outside the middle east that teaches Arabic as if you were studying under a sheikh abroad."

zakrah ahmad

"In Pedagogy we say that its more important to know what NOT to teach, than what to teach and this is exactly what he's doing. He's suppressing the things that need to be suppressed and bringing those back at the appropriate time. So the scheduling, the inclusion and exclusion - its very intelligent."

mohamed mohuiddin 

Tips to help you learn arabic online quickly

Reducing the Entire Language to 2 Issues

Arabic grammar revolves around just 2 topics, or 2 particular problems that have very clear solutions that can be summarized in a sentence each. Know these 2 solutions and know all of grammar.


The Arabic language is the most efficient and comprehensive language on the planet. See how I dissect what looks like a single word and show you how it actually communicates 7 meanings!

How to Learn Arabic Online

In this eye-opening article we cover a fundamental topic by leveraging our knowledge of the English language. This article provides a framework for studying Arabic that you'll find refreshing.

Extended Translation Approach

Here's exactly how you'll be able to appreciate the deeper meanings of Qur'anic verses. Especially those that often "get lost in translation".