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There have been times where I have stopped and asked myself, what does it mean to acquire sacred knowledge? Many philosophers have pondered on this question; some say that knowledge is endless where there is no cessation to learning. Others have expressed knowledge as power, where ignorance is a limitation that would hinder oneself from conquering the world. So what does it mean to us as Muslims to acquire sacred knowledge? The need to reach out to sacred knowledge is one that comes from the heart. To me knowledge is more than just reading the books. For me knowledge is to understand and reflect upon what one has learned. It's the deeper understanding of how things work, what are expected from us and what we as Muslims can give back. For years I have been in search for a program where I could acquire Islamic knowledge. Alhumdulila I was able to sit among scholars and benefit from them as much as I could. But there was this urge where I must learn the Islamic sciences and the language of the divine revelation and the dwellers of paradise.

In the past I have embarked on many paths in learning classical Arabic. To me the importance of learning the Arabic language was more than just familiarizing oneself with the mechanics of a language. My urge to learn Arabic was part of my quest in becoming a student of knowledge. I wanted to embark into an area where many writers have indulged into educate mankind of religious knowledge. Writers in Arabic included Persians, Spanish Muslims, Sicilians, Indians and many more. I wanted to learn Arabic so I may educate myself about the deen from its true sources as supposed to relying solely on translations.

From ajaramiya classes to learning Arabic in middle school, due to the changeability in the learning pattern it was difficult, for me, to continue in the learning processes. Hence I was left without fulfilling my goal in learning the language of the divine revelation, but my urge to learn and the determination of finding a program was still present. While in my pursuits in searching for a comprehensive program I came across Imam Yusuf's Shariah Program. When I looked through the curriculum, I realized that this was an inclusive program that highly concentrated on the Arabic language as well as the other Islamic sciences. To me this was the full package!! Alhumdulila I have been attending the Shariah Program since mid-April and I can assure that this program is one of its kind. It is an inclusive and reflective program designed for all to benefit. It's unique and makes use of the many knowledgeable scholars in the GTA into an all-encompassing program. Alhumdulila, with strong efforts I have benefited from this program, more than I have in the past. Stop, think, and reflect…what does it mean to acquire knowledge? It is the duty for all of us, as Muslim's, to ask ourselves this question and what we will do about going about achieving our setout goals. This is truly an opportunity you do not want to miss out from. Alhumdulila it is with the barakah of Allah that we have such a program offered to us that is still running with full strength. May Allah bless our teachers as well as those who have structured this program.


Yasmine Aslam
Hon. B.Sc. (Political Science and Geographical Information Systems)
T.E.S.L (Teaching English as a Second Language) Certification


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