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Assalamu-aliakum Wr. Wb.,
Name: Saeed Shaikh
Education: Bachelor of Applied Science and Engineering (Computer Engineering) University of Toronto (9T7)
Profession: Independent PeopleSoft Technical Consultant

My interest in learning the Arabic language came to light during my post graduate years. Reflecting on these past years, I had spent about 4 years, more or less, in what I would call my many 'failed attempts' and 'false starts' in learning this beautiful language. Alhamdulillah, these many attempts were of course generally beneficial and I pray to Allah s.w.t to reward all those teachers who had taught me over the past years. With all the previous classes though, I was disappointed to find the classes would either dwindle down in attendance and then stop or the methodology of teaching lacked an overall direction and structure and the students would eventually lose interest and hope.

At the same time, I would also ponder on how students who went abroad to study were able to grasp the most difficult concepts and be able to read Arabic with understanding in such a short time, usually within the first year of their studies. It was only until I enrolled in the Shariah program here in Toronto that I came to realize the key to understanding this language from an instructional perspective was in 2 fundamental points, namely the methodology (i.e. how it is taught) and the dedication of the teachers. Based on the Dars-E-Nizami School of Methodology, the Shariah program is being taught using the same classical methodology that Scholars have used over hundreds of years in various parts of the world. With concurrent emphasis on Sarf and Nahw along with various interactive and intense group exercises (with lots of repetition), the student can expect to engrain and embody a solid foundation of even the most difficult concepts of the Arabic language in a very short time. To supplement the intense Arabic component, the Shariah program also provides much needed sessions in Tajweed and in the Seerat of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, Peace be Upon him. These sessions provide for a concurrent spiritual element in the midst of the Arabic learning and puts to light the purpose of our studies and a reminder of our service to Allah s.w.t. At present, there are 4 dedicated scholars teaching in this program and their commitment and dedication to teaching is what makes all the difference. May Allah s.w.t reward my teachers most generously and grant them the best abode in the hereafter.
Saeed Shaikh


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