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Arabic Program in GTA for Young High-School Students

In the name of Allah, most merciful, most beneficent, the creator of the thrown who is the only one deserving of praise.

About Me:
My name is Mohtanick Jamil. I am currently a student of the Shariah program held at Masjid Taqwa. Previously, I have had little experience with any formal knowledge regarding the Arabic language because I am still very young.

This is a new and outstanding course. There is nothing like this, the teachings are thorough, the manner in which the language is taught is fun and innovative, and the environment is very encouraging. There are many schools with this sort of knowledge, but none give you such a spiritual environment, complete understanding of what is being taught, and no course has such a one-on-one feeling.

The material is hand picked by Imam Sahab and other respected scholars.

It is perfect text that encompasses the entire needs of a student and it is delivered very leniently. It is easy to grasp and the benefits are endless, even compared to other schools.

The teachers are extremely well versed scholars who have given many talks and who are completely able and authorized to teach. These wells of knowledge can be found no place in Canada. Muftis, Alims', Huffaz, and Qaris'; they are all prepared to work with the student and meet his/her needs.

Teachings include
- Arabic verb conjugations
- The study of Arabic grammar
- Building sentences
- Furthermore, the life of our beloved prophet (PBUH)
- And finally, the proper manner in which to read the holy Quran

My Benefits:
This course has just started; there's no telling where it'll go. It currently provides the first five years of the Alim course. It has been only two months since I started and I am already seeing the benefits. We learn in perfect detail the Arabic language; a great gift. It is the language that Allah speaks, should we not learn it? The talks of the Prophet are extremely beneficial and filled with quotes from the Quran and Ahadith. As I said, it is an endless sea of knowledge. I had never imagined such knowledge, and only in the first two months!!

Furthermore, I love the environment. The fellow brothers have become my best friends over this time. I feel so close to everyone and I so much enjoy this course. I would highly recommend this course to any Muslim who is looking to attain the knowledge that our lord has made obligatory upon us. I can find only one downside; that is that I will have to leave in five years. By then I will, InshaAllah, have attained great knowledge, but the environment is too cosy to leave


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