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A Testimonial by Salman Sayany for the Toronto Shariah Program

As-salaamu-alikum dear reader:

My name is Salman Sayany and I am an Engineering Student at the University of Toronto. I have been with Mufti Yusuf Mullan studying Arabic Grammar in the Toronto Shariah Program for about the past 4 months.

My past experiences of trying to learn Arabic include going for regular halaqa's on the basics of Nahw (Arabic grammar) and Sarf (Arabic Morphology), as well as semi-private tutoring in Arabic grammar with bright young scholars in the Toronto area. Moreover, in the summer of 2002, I attended a 2 month session at Salahadeen Islamic Center in which we covered the first book of the Madina University Arabic Grammar Course. Indeed, these past experiences were of great benefit and gave me a foundation to build on, however, its extent and impact was only of so much consequence.

After a certain amount of time spent trying to learn a language like Arabic using the previous methodologies, the realization dawns that because Arabic is such a complex and vast (yet beautiful) language, regular, systematic and proven instructions under qualified scholarship is needed to truly reap the benefits of the treasures of Arabic.

I enrolled into the Shariah Program in late May 2003 and went in the evenings 3 days a week for just 3 hours a session. I noticed sizable improvements in the comprehension of Arabic in a very short time. In fact, just after 3 months, we had covered in profound detail about 60% of all of Arabic Morphology (Sarf) and about 50% of intermediate Arabic grammar (Nahw), and all of this without the loss of detail or comprehension.

A few of my favorite features of the Shariah Program System of learning is that we study classical texts such as 'Hidayt-un-Nahu', Qudoori and later in the course 'Mukthasar al-Mani' (just to name a couple) in their original Arabic, which reinforces previous Grammar/Morphology discussions as well as obtaining baraka from studying such auspicious texts. There is something very refreshing and rewarding when you are able to decipher Classical Arabic texts on your own. Furthermore, the environment of learning is formal yet fluid, which facilities the students need for questions and answers as well as paves the way for further discussions. The classes are always regular and the teachers have all mastered the subjects which they teach. I can say with confidence that anyone who attends classes regularly and puts in some personal effort can achieve high Arabic fluency and Shar’i science foundation in a very short time.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I know only of praise for the Shariah Program and its teachers from the people whom I trust. On one occasion, I was sitting with Sidi Mustafa Azzam (from the Shafii Fiqh Group) and I heard him say that Sidi Hamza Karamali (also from the Shafii Fiqh Group who teaches monthly at the Shariah Program) said with regards to the Shariah Program, "I haven't seen anything like the Shariah Program in... (Pause as if to indicate a location, and then he continued)... I haven't seen anything like the Shariah Program." Anyone who knows who Sidi Hamza is will know the elevated magnitude of this praise. This program is a rare and wonderful opportunity, so for your Deen and Dunya, I sincerely advise you to not let it pass without benefiting.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at salman_sayany@hotmail.com .


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