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E-Learning the Arabic Language

What is e-Learning?

E-learning refers to the modern phenomena of learning over the internet.

What makes this online Arabic course unique?

Alhamdu-lillah, the Shariah Program's launch into the online interactive space embraces the latest advancements in virtual learning technology. Unlike many other online Arabic classes that simply amount to downloading audio/video lectures with little or no human interaction, the Shariah Program licenses a live whiteboard technology with concurrent live pooled audio teleconferencing (North America) as well as audio streaming over the Internet (Europe, Australia and Asian Subcontinent) to produce a virtual interactive classroom. Using a tablet pen to script Arabic exercises, Instructors are able to produce free-form handwriting that is broadcast real-time to all participants with accompanying live & interactive audio feed. Students are able to participate in real-time discussions by dialling into a teleconferencing bridge (North America) or by raising a virtual hand and inquiring either via their microphone or through a java based chatting function (Europe, Australia and Asian Subcontinent), both designed to queue participant questions and interactively converse with the Instructor.

Though nothing can replace the traditional halaqa based classes when one is learning directly from the Sheikh in person, the on-line classes do provide a virtual gathering where interaction with the Sheikh and students is still maintained. This virtual gathering supplemented with pre-recorded material aims to deliver a complete and comprehensive study of the Arabic language. Using a proven and very traditional teaching methodology employed historically throughout the ages, students can expect to unlock the treasures and gain access to Allah's very own words of the Holy Qur'an along with a sea of classical Arabic works that centuries have produced.

How can this Arabic course be beneficial to me?

For most of us who grew up in the Western world, we probably spent more time understanding Shakespeare than we have spent in understanding the words of our Creator. Needless to say, understanding classical Arabic is essential in understanding the Universal message of the Holy Qur'an as it was revealed to our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam. This course equips the student with the necessary tools to access their great Islamic heritage and unlock the treasures of centuries old Islamic works.

E-learning has proven to be a successful and viable alternative for students whose work and family commitments do not allow them to attend classes in person. As such, the Shariah Program, recognizing the great demand from such individuals and families, is committed in providing an alternative to our current successful traditional classes at our learning institute.

Should I have some knowledge of the Arabic language before enrolling?

Yes, one should be able to recognize the Arabic alphabets and be able to read the Arabic script at a rudimentary level. In simple terms, if you are able to read the Qur'an, this course insha-allah will give you the tools to understand what you are reading. An enthusiastic and dedicated work ethic with consistent revision surrounding our unique framework of instruction will produce truly remarkable results insha-allah.

Web/Audio Solution & Requirements

How user friendly is the online program?

Anyone who is familiar with using the Internet and a telephone will find it very simple to use. One simply has to log into a website with the details provided and dial into a teleconferencing number (North America) or make sure the audio on the computer is functioning (Europe, Australia and Asian Subcontinent).

What is the Audio Solution ? What do I need ?

Class 1: North America Class: Live Teleconferencing Bridge
Students enrolled in the North American Online Arabic class will receive a standard US number to dial in order to participate real-time in a pooled live teleconferencing call. The bridge we are licensing can support up to 100 concurrent connections allowing the teacher and students to converse interactively. We strongly recommend signing up with a local long distance provider that provides unlimited calling within the United States or North America (Most long distance providers have a $20/month unlimited North America plan). We also recommend using a hands-free solution for your telephone when dialling into the teleconferencing call (speaker phone, headset etc) so that you are free to take notes (please ensure there is no background noise). We believe this is a feasible audio solution for all students who live within North America. However, dial up users without a second phone line or students who wish to have their audio broadcast over the net may instead opt for the Premium Paltalk solution described below.

Class 2: Europe, Australia and the Asian Subcontinent: Premium PalTalk Netcast
Students enrolled in the Europe, Australia and the Asian Subcontinent class will be be able to communicate with the Instructor using Paltalk's Premium Secure classroom. The group license we have purchased supports a capacity of 100 students. As such, with a sound card, microphone and speakers, students will be able to interact with the Instructor using their PC's.

What is the Web Solution ? What do I need ?

For both Online Arabic classes, students will receive a secure URL to join a Real-Time Webcast for the presentation and whiteboard features. Additional information for each class is described below:

Class 1: North America Class: We strongly recommend using a high-speed cable modem or DSL connection so that your telephone line is free to use for the teleconferencing solution. Students using a dial-up connection will need to make arrangements for a second telephone line for the teleconferencing piece.

Class 2: For the Europe, Australia and the Asian Subcontinent class, we also recommend a high-speed cable modem or DSL connection since both the presentation material and audio will be broadcast through the Internet using Paltalk's Premium solution.

Course Material  

How high will the concentration on Arabic grammar and morphology be during the initial weeks?

The first few weeks of the course will have a strong emphasis on morphology. Once the student has a good understanding of the science of morphology, he will be able to access hundreds of meanings from a basic 3 letter root word. Although this necessitates a steep learning curve at the start of the course, once the students have understood these concepts, it gives them a high degree of confidence and increases their eagerness to strive to learn the intricacies of the language.

Will I receive supplementary information about the program?

Yes, during the registration process and as the course dates draw near more detailed information will be given about the program.

Class Format  

Are there any options for class timings for students in different time zones? What happens if I miss my class? How long are the classes? How large are the classes?

We will attempt to organise classes to accommodate students in different time zones. For this reason, prospective students are asked to register with their location as soon as possible. Although one of the advantages of an online course is that if one misses any live courses, the student can access a recorded version, it is not desirable to miss many as this reduces essential teacher/student interaction and live inquiry to aid understanding. As this is the first time such a course has been made available, it is hard to predict the level of interest it will receive and the number of students that will register. As this is an online class, it is unaffected by some of the problems that usually plague large class sizes such as the decreased ability to see the board or hear the teacher. In addition, it is usually the case as far as questions are concerned that most of the students usually have the same query that requires clarification, something which scales well with class size. However, the quality of instruction will not be sacrificed, so if students do find that a large class is hindering their ability to learn, suitable accommodations will be made. 

How much Arabic grammar (nahw) and morphology (sarf) will be covered?

This will be a full time two month winter course (7.5 hours of live instruction per week, and many more listening to pre-recorded lectures), which will cover roughly 3-4 months of what is covered during our part time courses – there will be provision made to continue learning if enough students show an interest. The goal for this course is to cover 75% of the entire science of morphology and a good majority of the science of nahw, which will enable students to understand 60% of the Quran, all within a few months.

Will I be required to attend all of the classes and do all of the exercises?

It is extremely important to attend all of the classes and complete the follow up exercises to consolidate the understanding of the topic. All classes are recorded and available for streaming or download if the student is unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, or would like to review the class material.

How will my knowledge of Arabic grammar and morphology be efficiently assessed online?

Students will have the opportunity to take and submit exercises and be assessed via tests online using state of the art secure technology.

What level of commitment is required for the program?

This is an intensive program which yields accordingly great rewards. All students should be serious about learning the language and be prepared to set aside at least an hour for homework or review every day. This will vary depending on the level of prior exposure the student has had to the Arabic language.


How much will the Online Arabic Course cost for me?

The organizers of the course will have to cover the costs of using the state of the art technology that enables an online learning experience such as this. In addition, the instructor's costs will have to be met. This is a non-profit venture and organization, so the cost to the student will be the absolute minimum required to fund this course as the only profit is the reward sought from Allah (swt).

Will there be technical support available if something goes wrong?

There should be plenty of technical support available to the student – the corporation that provides the technology for this course is a large one. We have already tested the technology during the two summer months with close to 100 students. Testimonials can be read from the registration page.

Will I be awarded a certificate on successful completion of the course?

The greatest testament to your completion of the program will be your own newfound proficiency in the language. However, we will be mailing authorized certificates of completion to students after they have successfully passed the appropriate tests and exercises.

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