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From the 'Discourses on Islamic Way of Life' - By Mufti Taqi Usmani (db)

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'The Rights of the servants are a very important branch of religion. Its importance lies in the fact that "the Rights of Allah" may be pardoned by repentance. If God forbid - some negligence ever occurs in the matter of Allah's rights, it is very easy to remedy this negligence by means of repentance and seeking Allah's pardon with a feelings of remorse and regret. The negligence can thus be remedied. As for the rights of the servants, if they are violated, they are not pardoned by repentance and feelings of remorse and regret and by seeking pardon, unless the usurped rights are restored to the right-holders or the latter willingly forgoe their rights
in his favour. Therefore the matter of rights of people is a matter of serious consideration.

The Holy Prophet [sallallaahu alyhi wasallam] attached so much importance to the protection of the rights of women and ensuring good behaviour with them that he has explained this matter in many Traditions. The first Tradition on this subject is one narrated by Hazrat Abu Hurairah wherein the Holy Prophet is reported to have said: "I advise you to wish well for the women. You should accept this advice of mine."'

To find out more about the status and rights of a wife in Islam, read the content in the links in the arrangement below:

  • Introduction

  • Importance of the Rights of the Servants (of Allah)

  • Backbiting is a violation of People's rights

  • Ihsan is Desirable at All Times

  • That Woman Shall Enter Paradise or Enter Hell

  • Who is a Pauper?

  • The Rights of people are three-fourths of DEEN

  • The Miserable Condition of Women before Islam

  • Amicable Behaviour with Women

  • The Holy Qur'an Enunciates Only the Principles

  • Domestic Life is the Foundation of the Entire Civilisation

  • Is the Woman Born of Crooked Rib?

  • Negligence is a Part of Beauty in a Woman

  • Being Conscious of the Good Habits and Qualities of Women

  • Educative Stories of Saints

  • The Women of Our Society are Nymphs of Paradise

  • Three Steps of Reforming a Wife

  • Physical Punishment

  • Tariqat is Nothing but Public Service

  • Prophetic Address in the Farewell Pilgrimage

  • Mutual Relations Between Husband and Wife

  • Sacrifices of Women and Cooking is not their Duty

  • Serving In-laws is a Virtue for a Woman Although not Obligatory

  • Husband's Permission When Going Out

  • In the Case of Immodest Behaviour

  • Generosity and Extravagance

  • Where to Search Allah

  • The Rights of Wives Over Husbands

  • The Best People and Good Character

  • Do Not Beat Women

  • Two kinds of Holy Traditions

  • The Audacity of the women

  • A Virtuous Woman Versus a Bad Woman

  • [Article found on: Madrasa In'aamiyyah]


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