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Guidance for Muslim Women by Maulana Ajaz Azami (R.A)

What rights does the muslim woman/wife have? what are her duties? what words of advice can she follow to settle in her new home? how can she educate herself in bringing up her children and advising them in accordance to Islam? what are the rights of parents? what are the rights of in-laws? what qualities should be adorned by a muslim woman?

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Guidance for Muslim Women

  • Sayings of Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wa sallam

  • Social Conduct

  • The Upbringing of Children

  • The Ettiquette of a Gathering

  • The Rights of the Parents

  • A New House, New Faces

  • The Method of Living Together

  • Experience and Organisation

  • Caring for the Children

  • Some Exemplary Incidents & Conclusion


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