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Fasting and Ramadhan - abstinence from more than just food! From sunrise till sunset - a spiritual cleanser, or a lose weight quick diet? The intention counts!

Why do Muslims fast? Do they do it to lose weight in a miracle diet? What is Ramadhan? Can we drink water while fasting? Learn everything about this important Pillar of Islam.

Ramadan - the Muslim Reformer!
The firm and intense conviction in Allah’s unseen promise is the key for undergoing sacrifices for Deen. It’s hardly the case for a Believer to calculate the diet value of fasting or the long hours of winter and short days of summer before starting a Ramadan schedule. Hell and Heaven is the criteria. The thirst of Ramadan becomes the extinguisher of Hell. The hunger of fasting from dawn to dusk provides the everlasting relishing fruits of Jannah. Just as the Companions didn’t hesitate when the verses of alcohol and hijab were revealed, a marked sign of full conviction in Allah’s words, so too must be the state of heart during the day when hunger pangs strike and thirst quenchers tease. Just do it! "Ramadan - the Muslim Reformer!" read more >>>

The Real Purpose of Fasting by Sayiid Abul A’la Maududi
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has drawn attention in various ways towards the real aim of fasting and has explained that to be hungry and thirsty without keeping in view the objective is in no way useful. He said : “Whoever did not give up lying and practicing falsehood, Allah is in no need of his giving up food and water”. In another Hadith he said : “Many are the fasters whose fasting does not bring them anything except hunger and thirst and many are those who keep standing in the night but their standing does not bring anything except being awake in the night”. The purport of both these Ahadith is quite plain. It means that being merely hungry and thirsty is not by itself ‘Ibadat’ but an instrument of performing real ‘Ibadat’. And real ‘Ibadat’ consists in not violating the law of Allah for fear of Allah, and for the love of Allah an eager pursuit of every such work as would please Him, and lastly avoidance of satisfying corporeal urges as far as possible. Whoever remained heedless of this real ‘Ibadat’, unnecessarily caused inconvenience to his stomach with hunger and thirst. Why should Allah need to make him merely give up food and water for twelve to fourteen hours? "The Real Purpose of Fasting by Sayiid Abul A’la Maududi" read more >>>


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