Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I can barely read the alphabet. Do you recommend this course for absolute beginners?
  • Do you build conversational skills?
  • Will the course materials be shipped to me, or will I need to acquire them on my own?
  • What sort of time commitment is required?
  • What is the capacity of the live classes?
  • Will there be any breaks for the live classes throughout the year?
  • What time are the classes?
  • What software do I need?
  • Why is there a price tag at all? Why don’t you just teach for free?
  • Do you offer any family discount?
  • How do I submit payment?
  • I live in a country for which PayPal does not act as a credit card processor. Do you have any alternate method?
  • Can I pay by cheque or money order?
  • Once I've submitted payment, how long will it take before I receive access to the material?