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The issue of electrically stunned chicken has been placed in front of the Ulama, and has undergone extensive research and studies. To such an extent that to achieve the most complete and satisfactory answer matters were referred to specialists and research groups.

With complete insight and without any doubts in our hearts we now proclaim the Islamic perspective on electrically stunning animals prior to slaughter is makrooh-e-tahrimi (extremely detested bordering close to Haram), as well as being an utterly pointless method of subjecting the animal to unnecessary cruelty and torture.
(This is the ruling on stunning itself not on the meat of the animal, which will be Haram if it dies prior to slaughter, and this is a very common occurrence - translator)

Many sheikhs and muftis in their fataawa have already stated the same reasoning and have reached the same conclusion. They include many authentic books such as;

• Imdaadul Fataawa (vol 3, p606)
• Fataawa Mahmoodiyah (vol 17, p248)
• Fataawa Rahimiyah (vol 2, p95)
• Bayyinaat (monthly) (1410AH)

For this reason, i.e. to avoid causing the animal untold pain and suffering, and to take advantage of what the law does not force upon us, we must resort to the Islamic, Sunnah methodology and abandon such inhumane traits.

We also strongly advise our Muslim brothers and sisters in general, to as far as possible endeavour to acquire Halal, pure foods, and also to avoid the purchase of stunned animals altogether.

We also at this moment in time would like to thank those slaughterhouse owners who, upon hearing this judgement have promised to altogether discontinue using any method of stunning.

In a Hadith narrated by both Sahih Muslim (Mishkat p357) and Abu Dawood (Abu Dawood ma’al Bathl; vol 5, p77), the companion of our beloved messenger T, Shaddaad bin Aus Z, relates that the messenger of Allah T has said, “Allah has ordered Ihsaan (kindness/benevolence) in all things, to such an extent that even when capital punishment is to be issued to anyone, then that too must be with Ihsaan. And when any animal is to be slaughtered then that too must be with Ihsaan. One must ensure that the knife is sharpened and the animal is relaxed.”

And Allah Alone Knows Best

[Source: Halal Monitoring Committee ]


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