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Government Issues regarding Halal Animal Slaughter

Many discussions took place in order to put an end to slaughtering animals promptly; the method discussed was that of stunning the animal first and then slaughtering the animal. Consequently, Muslim and Jewish communities disputed this method, as the animal has to be slaughtered in a prescribed manner.

The Islamic method of slaughter is: the animal should be killed by making a cut through the jugular vein in the throat while mentioning the name of Allah, after its quick death, the animal is then skinned and drained of all blood.

For an in-depth analysis on the discussions that took place and are taking place in regards to slaughtering and stunning, feel free to browse through the news article entries below:

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Government Issues

  • America Bans Use of Captive-Bolt Stun Gun

  • Animals Prevention of Cruelty

  • Eastern Eye

  • Religious Slaughter Ban Rejected

  • License Of Exemption From Regulations Of Normal Livestock Slaughter


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