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Audio Lectures on Halal and Haraam Related Issues

The following are lectures/bayaans by renowned scholars on halal and haram related issues: religious slaughter, importance of consuming halal and abstaining from doubtful and haram, the Sunnah method of slaughter (zabihah) and many more questions that a seeker of knowledge may want to know the answers to. Click on the links below to listen to the in-depth lectures:

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  • Religious Slaughter would have Prevented BSE

  • Effects of Haram in our Worship & Offspring- Who's Responsible?

  • Importance of Consuming Halal & Abstaining from Haram & Doubtful

  • The Prophet Muhammad's (saw) Method of Zabihah

  • Questions & Answers

  • Valid Slaughter in Islam

  • Halal Meat


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