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Halaal and Haraam: Islamic Regulations

There are guidelines and regulations for muslims which must be complied with when slaughtering animals. The lawful is clear and the unlawful is clear. All that is haram is forbidden and all that is doubtful should be abstained from.

The listed articles and reports below stress the importance of the methodology that should be adopted in slaughtering an animal in accordance to the rulings and conditions of Islam. The first and foremost crucial condition is reciting Tasmiyah. All the conditions and rulings must be met and fulfilled in order for the meat to be halal and consumable for muslims.

Research studies on slaughter through the halal method and western method was conducted in Germany. The doctors found that through the halal method the animals experienced no pain at all. However, through the western method as soon as the animal was stunned signs of pain were apparent on their readings. To find out more and to enhance ones knowledge in regards to the islamic regulations on slaughtering, read carefully through the links provided below:

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Islamic Regulations

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