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Halaal and Haraam: Islamic Questions and Answers on Halal and Haraam

To find out what food is halal and what is not, what meat is consumable by muslims and what is not? whether it is permissible to take medicine which has alcohol in it? can animals be stunned before the slaughtering process? browse through the questions asked below which have the answers to all these questions and more:

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Islamic Questions and Answers

  • Are Mushrooms Makruh?

  • Is Catfish Halal?

  • Dunking Chickens in Hot Water after Slaughtering them?

  • Consuming Niswar

  • Difficult to Find Halal Meat in the UK

  • Eating with the Head Uncovered

  • Eating with non-Muslims

  • Why Can't I Eat Elephant?

  • Farm Chickens and Eggs

  • The Fiqh of Halal and Haram Animals

  • Invitation from Someone whose Income is Unlawful (haram)

  • The Issue of Halal Meat (A Detailed Article)

  • Is Marijuana Haram?

  • Medicines with Gelatine

  • No Halal Meat in Brazil

  • The Ruling on Prawns in the Hanafi School

  • Is Shark Meat Halal?

  • Smoking Cigarettes, Cigars and Pipes

  • Consuming Unlawful Meat Whilst in Distant Non-Muslim Lands

  • Using Unlawful (haram) Medication

  • Mechanical Slaughter of Meat

  • Stunning Animals before Slaughtering them


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