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Stunning Animals Prior To Slaughter Is Unacceptable, Say UK Muslims

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The British Muslim community views with serious concern recent reports that the Farm Animal Welfare Council intends next month to recommend that the Government outlaws the religious Islamic and Jewish method of slaughtering animals.

"The stunning of animals prior to their slaughter is an unacceptable requirement to both British Muslims and Jews. Numerous medical studies have shown that stunning leads to the retention of a significant amount of blood in the meat and is the cause of death in some animals before slaughter. The consumption of blood and the meat of animals which have died before slaughter is clearly prohibited in Islam as it is harmful," said Mr Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain.

Dr Ahmad al-Dubayan, the Director of the Islamic Cultural Centre, London's largest mosque, voiced his support for the MCB's position and said: "The Islamic Halal method is a humane and Divinely-ordained injunction which is binding on all Muslims. We hope that others will not seek to interfere with our most basic beliefs and customs."

[Source: Halal Monitoring Committee ]


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