Please keep in mind the following before sending an email through this form:

1. Give background about yourself: i.e. How many months or years you have been studying Arabic? What series of text books or classical books have you been through? Have you attended any institutions? Also, don’t hesitate to go into details about what drew you to our humble program. Keep in mind, there is no character limit to your message.

2. This contact form is not for Fiqh related questions. This is only for questions regarding the Arabic classes offered at Shariah Program.

3. We make an attempt to address all queries within 24 hours. The instructor answers the course-related questions himself. When submitting your question, we kindly ask that you keep in mind the instructor’s busy schedule, as he teaches throughout the day, including weekends.

4. If you want to be contacted by phone, please mention this in the email and include your contact number. We ask that you also include a few high-level details about yourself as well; this will ensure that you receive a callback. Emails containing only a phone number will be given lower priority. jazakallah khairan

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