The Shariah Program Story

The Shariah Program is an educational Institute that enables hundreds of students every semester to understand the Qur’an and read classical Islamic texts in the original Arabic.

We do this by teaching Classical Arabic through a methodology that combines a traditional curriculum with an 80/20 focus tailored for today’s busy student.

This methodology, enables students to:

  • accelerate their progress by starting off with a big picture understanding of how the language works
  • focus on learning the most widely applicable aspects of the language first,
  • and leverage their existing skills, strengths and knowledge throughout their studies

As a result, students are often able to learn more in a few days or weeks than they have in all their previous studies combined.

How did we start?

The seeds for the Shariah Program were planted in 2001 when Mufti Yusuf Mullan gathered 4 students and started teaching them in his basement. To his surprise, in that one year, they were able to cover 16 texts. Studying part time, these students were able to cover more than he had covered in two years studying full-time in a madrasa.

He realized that this phenomenal success was largely due to the students themselves. Unlike the teenagers in his madrasa, these mature students have strong analytical skills and well-developed study habits that enable them to excel in their Arabic studies.

Unfortunately, these strengths are not properly leveraged in a traditional madrasa environment or in any other Arabic program available today.

So he dedicated himself to creating that program.

A focus on Classical Arabic

At the beginning, the intention was to teach all the Islamic sciences. Hence the name, “Shariah Program”. Over the years, the focus was narrowed to teaching the sciences of Classical Arabic.

Classical Arabic is the language of the Qur’an, the sunnah, and the works of Muslim scholars throughout the centuries. This is the key by which the doors to all the other sciences are opened. With this in hand, students are able to continue their studies in whatever field they wish.

The goal of the program is to give students a level of independence, so that when they read a Classical Arabic text on their own, they can be reasonably confident that they are not making a mistake.

Tailored for the needs of modern students

Through over a decade of teaching and multiple revisions of the curriculum, the program has been tailored for the needs of our modern students.

Our students have full and busy lives. They need a program that will give them measurable results for the valuable time that they invest in learning. They also need a flexible program that caters to their diverse learning styles and fits into their schedule.

Designed with all this in mind, our program enables students to:

  • start reading an Arabic book after just 3 weeks of class
  • learn the most widely applicable aspects of Arabic, not through studying rules in a text book, but through natural exposure, as they read an Arabic children’s book
  • start reading and unvoweled text after 6 months of class
  • study the depths of grammar, tafseer (Qur’anic commentary), classical logic and balaagha (Arabic Rhetoric)
  • understand more and more of the Qur’an with every passing week

All while being able to:

  • take their studies wherever they go, with downloadable and iPad friendly video or audio lessons
  • learn while away from the computer, at their own pace, through printed slides and word-by-word transcripts of the lessons
  • take breaks from their studies and return to them as often as they’d like, with access to resources that doesn’t expire

Sounds too good to be true? …it isn’t.

Try it out yourself, for free through our 45 page Arabic Acceleration Report and 4 training videos. These will give you the core 4% of Arabic that we teach in the opening weeks of class. We’ll send you everything over email. No strings attached and no obligations at all. It is our honor to spread the knowledge of this beautiful language.

You’ll see for yourself how much and how quickly you can learn, when you take the right approach. And then you’ll know how it feels to have this language and all the knowledge that it contains, finally within your grasp.