Yusuf Mullan

Shaykh Yusuf Mullan is the founder and head instructor of the Shariah Program.  For the last nine years, he has been dedicated to teaching Classical Arabic to Western students, running both a two-year online ‘Foundations Program’ and an on-campus ‘Six-Month Intensive’ based in Canada.

Beginning his formal Islamic education at the tender age of thirteen, Shaykh Yusuf memorized the Holy Qur`an in the Islamic Institute in Dewsbury, U.K.  He then undertook a rigorous program in Arabic and Islamic studies, completing the Darse Nizami curriculum under the auspices of traditional scholars in Flintham, Nottingshire.

After completing his stay in England, he travelled to Pakistan to further his studies, completing a detailed course on the science of tafsir, Qur`anic exegesis, at the Badr al-Ulum Institute in Rahimyarkhan.  He then proceeded to complete his ‘Alimiyyah degree (Masters in Islamic Theology) and specialization in Ifta` (Islamic legal verdicts) at Dar al-Ulum Karachi, one of the world’s premier institutes of Islamic learning, ranking amongst the top students in his class in both programs and receiving authorization to issue legal rulings in the Hanafi madhab.  Moreover, the shaykh had the honor of earning ijazat (licenses) to relate numerous books, such as the six famous collections of hadith, from some of the most renowned scholars in the world, including Mufti Taqi Usmani and Mufti Rafi’ Usmani.

After over a decade of religious education overseas, Shaykh Yusuf returned to his home in Canada.  In order to address the apparent need for quality instruction in the Arabic and Islamic sciences in the West, he established the Shariah Program. Building upon many years of experience studying and teaching the Arabic language and observing the success and failures of the various techniques employed by both teachers and students, he has adjusted and honed these different approaches to devise a methodology to learn the Arabic language in the most efficient possible manner, avoiding the pitfalls that one usually encounters on his journey to Arabic proficiency.  Ustadh Yusuf currently lives with his wife and children in Mississauga and devotes most of his time to teaching and administrating the Shariah Program.