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Aishah Siddiqah Institute

Situated in Bowmanville, Ontario, Aishah Siddiqah Institute of higher learning is a full-time boarding school for Muslim girls providing all facilities required for a productive and comfortable stay. Nestled in a quiet community, 30 minutes drive from Toronto, Canada, this secluded residential campus offers 105 landscaped acres and 14 buildings (including a gymnasium and an indoor swimming pool), equipped with the latest technology totaling approximately 80,000 square feet.

The complete course will contain the following modules: 1. Tajweed and Qiraah (Mastery over Quranic Recitation)2. Arabic Nahw (Grammar)3. Arabic Sarf (Morphology)4. Arabic Adab (Literature)5. Arabic Balaghah (Rhetoric)6. Mantiq (Logical, Rational, Deductive and Rhetorical Analytical Methods)7. Aqeedah (Islamic Doctrine and Theology)8. Usul al Fiqh (Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence)9. Fiqh (Jurisprudence)10. Usul al Hadeeth (Principles of Hadeeth Interpretation)11. Hadeeth (Prophetic Traditions)12. Usul al Tafsir (Principles of Exegesis of the Noble Quran)13. Tafsir al Quran al Kareem (Exegesis of the Noble Quran)14. Seerah (Biography of the Holy Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam)15. Meerath (Islamic Inheritance)16. Islamic History17. Journalism18. Sociology19. Arabic Calligraphy20. Memorization of Select Surahs/Chapters

Secular Education: DR. MUHAMMAD SAEED (PRINCIPAL)Dr. Saeed is a certified teacher from Ontario College of Teachers. He has been teaching Math and Science intermediate and senior divisions for the last five years in Ontario public, private and Catholic boards. He holds B.Ed., D.V.M., M.Sc. (Honours) and Ph.D degrees from Canada, America, Pakistan, Austria, and Poland. His 15 years of research and teaching experience in different countries of the world makes him a well rounded competent teacher in his profession. We are delighted to have Dr. Saeed as our principal and we hope and pray that he remains with us for many more years to come. If you have any questions regarding the secular school subjects offered to the students of Jamiah Aishah Siddiqah, please contact Dr. Saeed at:e-mail: Tel: (905) 623-7226 Classes will commence in late August, 2006.

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I wanted to share with my visitors what’s been going on in this blessed month of Ramadhan with regards to Taraweeh prayers.

Before I get to that though….. Let me rant and rave a bit on this buffoon who called me today at 5:30 in the morning to ask me if he should keep his 14 year old daughter in Karachi, Pakistan or bring her back to Toronto, Canada. Buddy….what were you smoking in the morning…it was frigging 5:30 AM! Even though I gave the guy a hint that I just woke up for his call and I haven’t had my suhoor/sehri yet…but NO! The guy had to go on and on and on for what seemed like eternity! Just amazing dude…just amazing! What really irritated me even more was that I went to sleep really late last night cause this Masha Allah amazing Moroccan Qari lead 20 Rakats at our Masjid. He didn’t take long at all. He started at 8:30 PM and finished at 11:10 with a 15 minute break after 4 Rakats for a fund raiser. 2 hours and 40 minutes. Buy the time I got home it was 11:45. By the time I hit the bed it was like 1:00 in the morning. And at 5:30 AM the father calls me from 1500 miles away even though in the city of Toronto, there are over 50 scholars. Thanks buddy! You really make me feel important.

With that off my chest….

On to the Taraweeh part. The Huffaz who lead Taraweeh usually don’t eat much food at Iftari (time when fast is broken) cause we have to lead the Taraweeh prayers. Unlike the non-Huffaz who pig-out come Iftari time. Please remember us when you are downing and devouring those amazing Samoosas folks. Which Hafiz would want to feel like letting out a repulsive stench by burping in the middle of the last Ayah of Al-Fatiha? The burp would be amplified by the microphone and be heard by the whole congregation. And if there is a mean Hafiz behind you, he'll say loudly Ghayril Maghdhubee just to make you look bad! Also, the time between Iftari and Esha is crucial for us. We have to get so many things done in that period including taking a bath and going over our portion of what we will recite in Taraweeh. That’s why I politely refuse all food invitations in the month of Ramadan. There just isn’t much time. And once in a while….. some crazy things happen in that brief period. Like take for example the other day…..

I mistakenly lock from the inside the door to the bedroom. All my clothes are in that bedroom. There is no key to the door and the door is locked from the inside. It’s 8:00 PM and in 30 minutes Esha will start! Dude man…..I start sweating….I just have my T-shirt and my pants on. The doorknob has a little hole in it to slide something thin to somehow unlock the door from the outside. Now….all the screwdrivers and stuff like that is in the locked bedroom. I try to push some knives in there but the hole in the door knob is not wide enough.

I quickly run out to check the bedroom window with the hope that it just might be open, but no luck there as well. Then I quickly run to the other bathroom and find a hair plucker. I frantically start pushing the instrument but to no avail. The lock just won’t open. 30 minutes left and I still have to go to the bathroom and I have to take a shower as well. Some crazy ideas are racing through my mind. Maybe I should use the other bathroom and just go in these clothes….I’m like….helllll noooo…..I’ll wear my wife’s Abaya….no way buddy….lol….I know what….there are two Muslims living right across our crib. I’ll go and borrow some clothes just for Taraweeh prayers… .lol A big resounding no to that as well…it’s too late for that….I’ll wear my winter jacket! way…I’ll get roasted in the Texan heat….so I’m fiddling with the door knob …8:06…….8:07……8:08….. 8:09…..8:10…only 20 minutes left and the door is still not opening….8:11….and then…. I hear a sweet noise… CLICK!.....and the door opens…..I quickly relieve myself and jump in the tub for a quick shower…turn on the taps…and……AAAAAAAAGH…..I let out a scream…A scream which was heard half way around the world I mean the house. It was the water. It was sooooo friggin cold the first couple of seconds… usually…I turn the shower head away from me for a couple of seconds…but not this time…don’t you just hate those first couple of seconds? I quickly run out and I look at the clock and it’s only 8:17! How in the world was I out in six minutes? Unbelievable! At 8:20 I’m heading towards the Masjid. At 8:27 I enter the Masjid prayer hall all coolly and calmly as if I just came from a stroll in the local park and nothing’s happened the past 27 minutes. :)

Our Esha/Taraweehs/Witr prayers are usually taking about 2 hours long. I’ve always been used to finishing Esha/Taraweeh/Witr in an hour and 15 minutes. By the time Taraweeh is finished, I’m knocked out literally. Just today I heard a person snoring behind me in the break after 4 Rakats. Insha Allah, in my next post, I’ll put up a Taraweeh clip and also rave and rant about these longer than 2 hour Taraweehs. I bet if the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam was around, he would never have taken so long in Taraweeh prayers. I mean..don’t get me wrong…..He was very harsh on himself by staying up all night long on his own. But when it came to the general public, he never led such long prayers. The first couple of days, I was at my usual pace of completing 4 Rakats in 10~11 minutes. But then I got shot down by some brothers who kindly said to me that I read too fast so I’ve brought it up/down to 4 Rakats in 15 minutes.

I usually like to lead the last Rakats of Taraweeh prayers. Something like a closer in a baseball game. The starting pitcher takes it to 8 innings and then the closer comes and pitches some 100 MPH fastballs and blows away the opposition. Same here.... Previously... I would lead the last Rakats averaging 4 Rakats in 10 minutes and Surah Fatiha in one breath. But those days are gone now....

The toughest thing about Taraweeh prayer is no matter how good I’ve memorized it and no matter if I’ve said my portion with no mistakes countless times, but as soon as I’m there leading…it’s a whole different ball game….White Sox


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