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Islamic Question and Answers related to Women and Dressing

The questions on dressing (adornment) is repeatedly enquired about, particularly in regards to what is permissible and what is not.

You may want to know whether piercing other than the nose and ears is allowed? or the permissibility of wearing bright coloured clothes? whether women can wear rings made from other than silver and gold? or what is the female islamic dress-code?

Find the answers to all these questions and more on women and dressing by clicking on the links below:

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Islamic Q & A on Women and Dressing (Adornment)

  • Female Islamic Dress-Code

  • Women Wearing Rings Made from other than Gold & Silver

  • A Comprehensive Guide to a Woman's Nakedness (awra)

  • What is the Fiqh of Clothing?

  • Women's Clothing in Prayer

  • Are all These "Fashionable Women's Islamic clothes" Considered Modest by the Shariah?

  • Permissibility of Silk for Women

  • Colour Restrictions on Women's Clothing

  • Piercing: Lips, Belly buttons, and Other Body Parts

  • Henna & Jewelry in Public

  • Orange Clothes Permitted for Women

  • Belly Button Rings & Colored Contact Lenses


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