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Family Life: Being a Sister, A Mother, A Wife - Your Duties, Your Responsibilies, Your Rights

The mother plays an influential role in the life of her children and thus should look to deveop virtuous morals and character. It is also imperative to remember that our children are one of the greatest tests that we have from Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala, and we need to continually ask Him for assistance and guidance for ourselves and our children.

To find out more about the family relations in Islam, rearing children islamically and more, select the links provided below to attain a clearer understanding of your duties, responsibilities and rights.

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Women and Family Life

  • Mother's Influence on the Children

  • Advice to the Mothers

  • Family Relationships in Islam

  • Being Fair and Just with our Children

  • Have you talked with your child today?

  • Our Children are the Future

  • Home, Sweet Home

  • Motherhood

  • Is Your Home an Islamic Home?

  • General Manners to Teach Young Children

  • Practical Tips for Parenting Young Children


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