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  • Montclair State University MSA - Muslim Students Association set up to encourage and enable its members, with basic knowledge and competence in Islam.
  • DarulIslam.info - Provides Islamic talks, nasheeds, e-books and other mutimedia software to the public.
  • Leicester Muslims MSN Group - Online Books, Islamic Poems, Islamic Pictures, Links to Islamic organisations, Muslims on the web, Online Q&A services, Nasheeds, Radio Islam and OVER 750 TALKS ONLINE
  • IRFI - Islamic Research Foundtion International, Inc. - A tax-exempt, non-profit organization. Its purpose is advancement of the Ummah through intellectual and spiritual growth.

877-WHY-ISLAM Website - Your Resource to Valuable Information on Islam and Islamic Links
Why Islam - Authentic & Informative site providing free Quran, mosque visits, books, Islamic Links, multimedia, FAQs, articles on issues like gender, environment, science, society, heritage relating to Islam

An Introduction to Islam - ViewIslam.com
Introductory information on Islam, Muslims, Prophet Muhammed, Jesus Christ, God's existence for non-Muslims (Christians, Jews, etc.) and new-Muslims - Islamic Links

crescentlife.com: addressing psycho-social issues of muslims from western and traditional islamic perspective.
addressing psycho-social, family, mental health, wellness and spiritual issues of muslims from the western and islamic perspective. mental health experts answer e-mails, message boards, Islamic Links.

Deenport.com - Collection of traditional Islamic Links
Deenport.com - Collection of traditional Islamic Links, Interviews from traditional Islamic scholars. Highly recommended resource, updated regularly.

Islam In Hannover, includes other Islamic Links
The first Internet-Community Portal for Muslims In Hannover (lower Saxony,Germany). ...

Sunnipath.com - Islamic Q & A Resource
Comprehensive archive of over 100, 000 Fiqh related questions and Answers

Islaam.Com is a frequently-updated resource of authentic Islamic materials, featuring hundreds of articles, audio lectures, Islamic Links, and Quranic recitations....

Islam - Resources and information...
Islam is the true religion from Allah. We help Mulims by publishing invaluable information on Islam in seven languages. We provide Islamic resources, Islamic Links, and news for concerned Muslims....

Islam Information Australia - Australia related Islamic Links
Islam Australia provides information, Islamic Links, and resources for Muslims in Australia, directory of Australian Mosques, Muslim Schools in Australia, Business Directory, Muslim Events, Halal Meat,...

Islam Page - Islam, Muslims, Allah, Muhammad, Salvation, Jesus...
Learn about the way of Life called Islam. This site contains many Islamic Links for you to find information on God, Jesus, Bible, the Quran, Muslims, etc....

ISLAM The Eternal Path to Peace Jannah.Org...
Provides Islamic information, women in Islam articles, and Islamic Links for Muslims and those seekers of the way of life that is called Islam, peace and submission to God....

IslamForToday.com - for Westerners seeking an understanding of Islam....
Islam For Today features articles and contains Islamic Links only to information presented in an inclusive, good natured and welcoming manner. ...

A categorised directory of Muslim businesses, Islamic Links and organisations in the UK

IslamiCity.com - Islam & The Global Muslim eCommunity
One of the oldest Islamic web-sites. Huge recourse for all things Islamic

Articles, Islamic Links, and audio and video resources on topics including women, science, comparative religion, and conversion.

JAMAAT.NET --- The Islamic Comparative Analysis Site  on Islam and Christianity...
    The Islamic Comparative Analysis Site on Islam and Christianity Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best

Maryams.Net - Muslim Women and their Islam...
Encouraging Muslim women and supporters of Muslim women to arise and reinvigorate shari'a so that the Muslim world might achieve the essential Qur'anic spirit of egalitarianism and equality envisioned by the Prophet of Islam....

Muslim Women's Help Network...
Muslim Women's Help Network seeks to coordinate resources that will enable families to overcome hardship when faced with homelessness, financial crisis, health related issues and feelings of isolation....

MuslimTents.com - English Web Site Hosting For Muslims...
MuslimTents.com - English Web Site Hosting For Muslims...

NobleQuran.com - Recitation of the Noble Quran in Fajr Prayer...
Beautiful recitation of the Noble Quran by Sheikh Hafiz Abdul Waheed consecutively during Fajr prayer....

Al-Balagh.net - Articles and Islamic Links on a variety of subjects
 Articles, and Islamic Links on a variety of subjects dealing with Islam and contemporary affairs. Contains works of such ulema as Mufti Taqi Usmani. Includes audio section. Edited by Khalid Baig

The Sunnah Islamic Page...
Extensive resource and Islamic Links for Muslims and for non-muslims who seek information on Islamic knowledge. Provides Islamic links, audio, free downloads and more. 

ZAWAJ.COM - Muslim Matrimonials
Muslim matrimonial ads from all over the world, advice, articles, editorials, and more!...

Light of Islam - Islamic Arts and Media
Islamic books, Audio lectures by Anwar al-Awlaki, Islamic counted cross stitch and MORE. Low shipping... Free shipping on orders over $50.

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