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Miscellaneous Women's Islamic Question and Answers

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Miscellaneous Islamic Q & A in Relation to Women

  • Women Singing in Islam

  • Women giving Allegiance (bay'a) to a Shaykh

  • Are Tampons Permissible to use before Marriage?

  • Women Driving Cars

  • Piercing of the Body Parts for Women

  • Women and Swimming

  • Women Shaking Hands with Women: is it an Innovation?

  • Seclusion of Religious Women in the Home

  • Women Visiting Graves

  • Women visiting graves: you are mistaken, Sidi, they canít!

  • What Do Women Get in Paradise?

  • Women Touching Qur'an Whilst Menstruating

  • The Relevancy of Rulings on Menstruation and the Reward for Worship

  • Qur'an and Menstruation

  • Impermissibility of Performing Prostration During Menstruation


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