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One of the mandates of the Shariah program is to produce and encourage scholarly work of the highest quality. With this in mind, we have opened a new section devoted to articles from scholars and students within the Islamic tradition focusing on providing a clear understanding of traditional Islam, as understood by classical scholars throughout the ages.

If there are articles that you would like to see included in this section, please feel free to email it to All articles will be referenced to their original sources.

Jihad in the Way of Allah - As-Sayyid Al-Habib‘Ali Al-Jifry
Malfunctioning Wardrobes - Shaikh Nazim Mangera
Premarital Relationships in Islam - Shaikh Nazim Mangera (audio)
Beyond Limits - Sikander Ziad Hashmi
Etiquettes of the Seeker - Shaikh Nazim Mangera
Yes, Even the Summer Holidays are a Blessing of Allah - Sikander Ziad Hashmi
Islam Teaches Justice vs. Injustice - Sikander Ziad Hashmi
The Salam Deficit - UmmIbrahimIsa
The Etiquette of Disagreement - Dr. AbdulHakim Jackson
The Honesty at Yarmouk - Sr. R. Nurani
Maple Lodge Farms "Zabiha Halal" Chicken - Eat-halal
Sins - To Hide or Reveal - Sikander Ziad Hashmi
Feel Like Eating Haram? - Sikander Ziad Hashmi


Shariah program is in the process of constructing a huge wealth of Islamic literature online. Insha'allah we will have lots of quality Islamic articles here soon, all categorised. Please check back soon to gain access to this definitive collection, covering all of the following integral topics:


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