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Lyrics: English Translation to the nasheed Talib al Ilm (Student of Knowledge) by Ahmed Bukhatir

Islamic Song Lyrics - Talib al Ilm by Ahmed Bukhatir

The following is the English translation to the beautiful nasheed Talib al Ilm, by the nasheed artist Brother Ahmed Bukhatir:

TALIB AL ILM (Student of Knowledge)

By Knowledge, rather by morals
You achieve the highest ranks
Live scholars lives
And read a variety of books

Be always humble
Don't boast of your ancestry
It's enough to come out the realm of mankind with noble descent

Yes, yes but I am without a mother or a father
I aspire to sublimity
And I do not have money to satisfy my needs

Who will ever embrace me and grant me
I wish I have the position of the star
And to be a scholar
As knowledge is the heritage of the prophet

Oh! Brothers I entrusted you
You are the rest of Arabs
Support a student who are asking

Provide him with what he needs
Yes, is there anything better than
Teaching a boy

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