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Arabic Anasheed: Nasheeds in Arabic by Ahmed Bukhatir - Arabic Islamic Songs

Anasheed by Ahmed Bukhatir

Trying to hunt for halal Islamic nasheeds, anasheed which are without the prevalent usage of forbidden musical instruments? On the look out for some top Arabic nasheeds to play on your computer? Are all the Islamic Arabic Songs you've discovered on the internet full of unlawful instruments? Want to listen to some brilliant soothing Islamic nasheeds absolutely free of charge?

We have a range of fantastic Islamic Songs in Arabic by the renowned nasheed artist, Ahmed Bukhatir. Browse through the list of compiled anasheed from various albums by Brother Ahmed Bukhatir and enjoy listening to them whilst you surf the net, at no cost at all! Check our comprehensive Arabic Anasheed collection below and enjoy!

*Note: You will most likely need Real Audio Player to listen to the nasheeds above. This can be downloaded for free from real.com.

From the Album 'Fartaqi'

  • Fartaqi by Ahmed Bukhatir

  • Ya Man Yara by Ahmed Bukhatir

  • Ya Eid by Ahmed Bukhatir

  • Kitab Allah by Ahmed Bukhatir

  • Dar Al Ghoroor by Ahmed Bukhatir

  • Al Hijab by Ahmed Bukhatir

  • Ya Adheeman by Ahmed Bukhatir

  • Talib Al Ilm by Ahmed Bukhatir

  • From the Album 'Al Qudsu Tunadeena'

  • Al Qudsu Tunadeena by Ahmed Bukhatir

  • Taweel As Shawq by Ahmed Bukhatir

  • Waqaf al Tiflu by Ahmed Bukhatir

  • Ramadhan by Ahmed Bukhatir

  • Zayed Al Wafaa by Ahmed Bukhatir

  • From the Album 'En Tasaf Al Layl'

  • Kam Tashtaki by Ahmed Bukhatir

  • Ajaban by Ahmed Bukhatir

  • From the Album 'Samtan'

  • Last Breath - Ahmed Bukhatir

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