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Lyrics: English Translation to the nasheed Waqaf al Tiflu (There stood the child) by Ahmed Bukhatir

Lyrics: Waqaf al Tiflu by Ahmed Bukhatir

The following is the English translation to the beautiful nasheed Waqaf al Tiflu, by the nasheed artist Brother Ahmed Bukhatir:

WAQAF AL TIFLU (There stood the child)

The child stood alone in the night
With bullets and soldiers all around him
The child stood and the stones are piles

His eyes are determinant and resistant
He cannot find who support him from his right
He cannot find who protect him from his left

Every place he goes to is empty
Every road he passes through is blocked

There stood the child at your door Jerusalem
And there called him the forefathers

Their echoes met
Visitors and terms swarming around his eyes

The dew and the injured disappeared at the horizon
Claims and promises all disappeared

All the mottos fell into the ground
Throats and promises disappeared

Everyone is claiming the right ancestor
And you are the free, strong and determinant person

Today you are alone in the area, child
Where are the ancestries? Where are the promises?

He wilted almost yelling, where are the army, where are the men,
Where are the weapons?

The child stood alone in the nights
With Bullets and soldiers all around him

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