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Nasheeds: Arabic Islamic Songs - Anasheed in Arabic - Halal Arabic Nasheeds

Arabic Islamic Nasheeds

Arabic - the beautiful language of the Holy Qur'an, the language of Jannah. The Arabic Islamic Songs that we have collected for you to listen to are enjoyable, entertaining and uplifting.

So have fun listening to the brilliant anasheed listed below!

  • Elaika - Muhammad 'Abeed

  • Dastorina Dastorina

  • Mathel_Lenafsek - Tariq Abu Zeyad

  • Sanakhoodhu

  • Sheeshan

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  • *Note: You will need Real Audio Player to listen to the nasheeds above. This can be downloaded for free from real.com.

    Amongst our compiled list of Arabic nasheeds, we have the world popular nasheed 'Elaika' by Muhammad 'Abeed, the Islamic Song whose popularity is still much on the increase.

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