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Salaam Alaikum

Alhumdulillah, I have enrolled in the shariah program that is being held in Toronto and would like to thank the organizers for bringing this one of a kind program to non-Arabic speaking seekers of religious knowledge. I have taken Arabic classes before and also a few shariah classes and find the methodology of this course's teaching quite unique and refreshing. At present we are learning Arabic, Tajweed and Seerah and this is what I feel so far

1. The aspect of this program that stands out most is the dedication of the teachers to make sure that they can impart their knowledge to the students. All of them have an excellent command over the Arabic and English languages and are able to explain the most difficult topics with great ease.

2. The aim of the Arabic course is to make us conversant with classical Arabic so that we can understand Quran and Hadith to gain the pleasure of Allah (swt). That by itself is the best of all aims and ambitions.

3. The course presently (in its 3 months stage) is focussing on the Arabic language with emphasis on Sarf (etymology) and Nahw (grammar). In parallel we are studying a few simple Arabic books - "Duroos-ul-Lughatul-Arabiyyah" (course in Arabic Language), and "Qasas-un-Nabiyyeen" (stories of the prophets), with emphasis on understanding the application of the grammatical theory that we are learning in the Sarf and Nahw classes, and Inshallah hope to move to classical (religious) Arabic books. This is a five year course and it aims to cover Hadith, Tafseer of the Quran and a few classical Arabic books all in its original Arabic texts.

4. Each student gets a lot of personal attention and this is due to the sincerity of the teachers. May Allah (swt) reward them for their effort! Ameen.

I would certainly recommend anyone who has the desire to learn more about Deen to join these classes and my personal opinion is that this is the best class that I have come across anywhere. I have previously studied Arabic (for a brief period) under Dr. Bilal Philips in Dubai and another teacher in Ottawa and the differentiating factor in this course is that it is geared towards the understanding of the Arabic language from a religious perspective.

All this being said, this course is quite intense (12 hours a week), and requires dedication and commitment by the students. May Allah (swt) make us from those who are desirous of gaining his pleasure in all our actions. Ameen


Uvaiz Ahmed
Sr. Software Engineer
McData Corporation


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