Qur’anic Arabic Intensive

A Week Long Intensive Taught By Mufti Yusuf Mullan

“Who Else Wants to Acquire 1 Years Worth Of Quranic Arabic and never Forget it in a Little Over 20 Hours of Study, spread over just 5 days?”

Arabic is the first thing scholars study when they embark on their journey of knowledge. And they continue to study it throughout their entire lives. Knowledge of this language opens up intimate understanding of the verses of the Qur’an, the ability to pick up books of Islamic scholarship and commentaries and understand these works, to engage in and understand discussions at the highest scholarly levels. Seeking this language opens wide doors and it is the most potent type of knowledge a Talib al-Ilm can possibly seek.

We’d like you to ask yourself:

  • Am I interested in understanding the Qur’an in its beautiful language while I am praying?
  • Am I interested in understanding the words of the Creator exactly as He said them?
  • Do I want to feel that miracle of the Qur’an that scholars are always talking about, and have it inspire me the same way it inspired even the Mushriks of Mecca and made them weep uncontrollably?
  • Do I want the books of Hadith and centuries of Islamic scholarship and commentaries suddenly open up to me and become fully available for me to access?
  • Am I interested in being able to understand the great scholars of my time on their terms?
  • Do I want to give myself the biggest and most potent tool for seeking knowledge?
  • Am I ready to become a Seeker of Knowledge?

As a student of Islam and a seeker of knowledge, all of this is well within your reach. A little bit of dedication goes a long way and soon you will find, like many others already have, that you, too, will look back on these questions and smile at the vast distances of knowledge you have crossed.

You see, the Arabic language is in fact very easy. Otherwise, Allah would not have said, “We have made the Qur’an easy for remembrance”. Since, he DID say this, and proper understanding of the Qur’an is not possible without the Arabic language, therefore, the language cannot be difficult. It MUST be easy.

How We Do 1 Years worth of Arabic in just 5 days: The “better than Harvard” Advantage

Not all rules and lessons are created equal. In fact, the “80/20 Rule” states that you can expect 20% of your efforts to give you 80% of all the benefits you ultimately achieve.

The Arabic language is no different. It has a very clear core which consists of roughly 20% of all the rules in the 3 sciences of Grammar (nahw), Morphology (sarf) and Rhetoric (balagha).

The rules that belong to this 20% core have the broadest application by far. These are the fundamentals of Arabic that you would expect to encounter in practically every sentence.

But within this 20% core, there is an even DENSER inner-core which we call the “Core-4″. Without getting caught up in math, re-applying the “80/20 Rule” with the 20% core, we get an inner core of no more than 4% of all the total rules in the 3 sciences. This 4% inner core accounts for over half of all benefits!

And it is the ability to properly capitalize on this very concept that allows students in our program to grow at an exponential rate. In fact the entire core can be taught comfortably in just 5 days! A sister who studied Arabic at Harvard university and subsequently at our intensive puts it best:


… Because of that, in one day of class I learned more than I learned in an entire _year_ of Harvard…. What you need in a class is someone to explain to you how the language WORKS…. In only a few days of the Shariah Program, people were starting to read Arabic fluently … they had already learned what each part of the sentence was, like: this is a past tense verb/this is a noun/ this is a command to a man/ this is an adjective referring to the feminine noun). That does _not_ happen in university Arabic until well after the first full year….


Yes, properly capitalizing on the “80/20 rule squared” allows our students to learn mind blowing amounts of proper and well-structured Arabic in mere days. This is what makes the Shariah Program unique and its curriculum one of the most sought-after in the Western world.

This is What You can Expect to Learn in the 5-day Intensive:

  • Setting The Stage in The First Week of Classes: The most dense 4% of all rules are taught in the opening 4 days of class! Within the first 4 days of classes, you will have already been taught thoroughly how the language works. This is extremely powerful. It is not done from any text book. (Text books are for those who want 6 years of Arabic in 6 years). It is done by carefully isolating the core, and more importantly, suppressing and ignoring what does not belong to the core.
  • Next 2 Months Reinforce The Core: Reading from actual Arabic books begins gradually from the 2nd week of class. While reading/translating and composition exercises are taking place, simultaneously, the next most important set of rules is taught. The reading text is leveraged fully to not only build vocabulary, but also introduce grammar and morphology.
  • By the Third Month, You Will be Reading Without Vowels: Once the entire 20% has been covered by the end of month 2, we now begin classical texts without vowels. (Such books would not be introduced in a traditional Madrasa curriculum until the end of the 2ndyear!)
  • Grammar Text Taught in its Original Arabic: The inner core, outer core and all of those details that we purposefully suppressed in the opening 2 months of the program are now taught in profound detail through the medium of this 132 page classical manual in Arabic (Hidayah an-Nahw)
  • As much as possible, the actual reading of the text is delegated to students, as this is the only way true proficiency is attained, namely when the student makes the effort to decipher the book on his own and then attempts to read the unvoweled book in front of the teacher. This forces him to infer the vowels. When done repeatedly, the student becomes aware of his mistakes and notes the degree of error and source of confusion, appropriate course corrections are made, until eventually success is reached. At that point, the student remembers the success and forgets the failure. The success is then imitated effortlessly. Thus proficiency is attained.
  • As the program progresses, tafsir of 3 large surahs is conducted, and books by al-Ghazali (in Classical Logic), at-Taftazani (in Arabic Rhetoric) and others are introduced gradually into the curriculum

Killer Curriculum Focusing on Your Goals: In many other courses the curriculum is full of over-rated textbooks that are easy and not very challenging. A lot of it is just fluff without much substance. They might contain a lot of “information” and perhaps nuances and interesting points, but quite frankly, they do not build within students any significant deciphering capabilities. Since our purpose is to teach staggering amounts of material in a limited time, naturally, we are very strict with the texts we ultimately choose to cover. For us, a particular text must earn its way into the curriculum; the text must relieve students from studying 12 other texts in its area in order to be considered for inclusion in the curriculum. Every text in our 6 month program is of this nature.

Learn the Same Arabic as Great Sheikhs and Speak at Their Level.

The Shariah Program 6-month intensive isn’t merely about speed. The 6 years worth of Arabic our students are equipped with is the same classical Arabic studied by scholars in Madrasas in Syria and around the Islamic world. In fact, the manner of tutelage provided by the Shariah Program is far superior to such institutions because the environment is far more mature and serious.

Madrasas often focus on irrelevant grammar and attempt to cover a gross number of texts before even giving the student an opportunity to begin practicing. This causes a lot of frustration and students drop out of class at an alarming rate. Other Madrasas and institutions are on the exact opposite side of the spectrum. They focus too much on conversational skills and vocabulary, leaving the student unable to stand on his own two feet.

At the Shariah Program, we strike a fair balance between these extremes. We keep the student’s goals in mind and so we focus on the ability to read classical texts by providing applicable knowledge of grammar, morphology, rhetoric and we help develop within each student the ability to reason and decipher. This not only gives students advanced scholarly knowledge of the language, but with a much deeper and more intimate familiarity. Our students are able to stand on their own two feet and don’t need to be spoon-fed as is the case with so many Madrasa students even after they’ve completed 6 years of Arabic.

Students can expect to learn the following in our program:

  • Stage 1: Fundamentals (1.5 months)
    • Fundamentals of Arabic Syntax (Nahw)
      • Declension (I‘rab)
      • Declension & Indeclension (Mu‘rab & Mabni)
      • Methods of Reflection (‘Alamat al-I‘rab)
      • Twenty-two Positionings of the Noun
      • Major Types of Phrases
    • Fundamentals of Arabic Morphology (Sarf)
      • Derivation (Ishtiqaaq)
      • Basic Perfect Tense Verb (Madi)
      • Basic Imperfect Tense Verb (Mudari‘)
      • Imperative (Amr)
      • Verb Paradigms (Abwab)
    • Guided Reading (Qira’ah)
      • Qasas al-Nabiyin 1 & 2
    • Composition (Insha’)
      • Exercises in Arabic Tutor 1 & 2 enhanced vocabulary
  • Stage 2: Essentials (2.5 months)
    • Essential Morphology (Sarf)
      • Advanced Paradigms (Mithal, Ajwaf, Naqis, Lafeef)
    • Essential Syntax (Nahw)
      • Hidayat al-Nahw
    • Literature (Adab)
      • al-Rasul al-Mu‘allim
      • Min Adab al-Islam
      • Qasas al-Nabiyin 3 & 4
    • Understanding Qur’anic Language
      • Tafsir of Two Large Surahs
      • Introduction to Rhetoric (Balaghah)
    • Composition (Insha’)
      • Excercises in Arabic Tutor 3 & 4
  • Stage 3: Master (2 months)
    • Advanced Grammar (Nahw)
      • Sharh ibn ‘Aqil
    • Advanced Rhetoric (Balaghah)
      • Mukhtasar al-Ma‘ani
    • Advanced Literature (Adab)
      • al-‘Abarat
      • al-Fadilah
    • Classical Logic (Mantiq)
      • al-Qistas al-Mustaqim
      • Mi‘yar al-‘Ilm

YES: You Will be at our Toronto Campus, Learning Face-To-Face from the Sheikh. Here are the Details:

  • If you value face-to-face interaction with the teacher: The 6 month intensive is conducted entirely at our Toronto, Canada campus and you will have full access to the instructor throughout the entire class. This is a must-have for students who need that intimate communication and direct, face-to-face interaction in order to learn. The venue is a residential address which will be provided to you in advance. If you are coming from out of town, we will gladly help with finding temporary residence and arranging a commute to and from the venue. For more information, please sign up below.
  • If you value being taught by the head instruction himself: The entire 6-month intensive is taught by Shariah Program’s head instructor, Mufti Yusuf Mullan. The curriculum is designed by the sheikh, the classes are taught by the sheikh, and all resources are either created or pre-filtered by the sheikh himself. With over 16 years of experience, as a student of the 6-month intensive, you will be learning from one of the top instructors.
  • If you value participation and practice: Online students have a severe disadvantage: the environment in which they learn doesn’t lend itself to growth and deep understanding. Many students don’t participate in online classes. This robs them of the opportunity to make mistakes in front of the teacher and have the mistakes corrected. If their mistakes are not corrected, the student cannot make course-corrections. Ultimately, misunderstandings and false education fester within the student and the student ends up falling off the wagon. As a student of the 6-month intensive, this CANNOT happen to you by design. The nature of the on-campus environment is such that every student is forced to participate, make mistakes, have those mistakes corrected, and, through these calculated course-corrections, eventually reach their goal faster and with more delight than any online student could imagine. This is a major reason why Shariah Program’s intensive is so attractive to students serious about their Arabic education.
  • If you are willing to dedicate an entire 6 months to your Arabic: The intensive runs from January to June, for a total commitment of 6 months. During this time, you will be expected to not have any other preoccupations, including work, school or any other activities (even part time). You are expected to devote these 6 months completely to your Arabic. We also make it extremely difficult for you to discontinue your studies half way. By requiring that you to pay the entire fee up front, we ensure you take the course until you gain complete scholarly proficiency in the language. We are always on your back from day one to the day you finish to ensure you reach your maximum potential and you come out with an education you can be proud of.
  • If you’re ready to put in the work: Classes take place every Monday to Thursday from 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM. Over a 6 month period, this is equivalent to approximately 95 4-and-a-half-hour days. In addition to this class time, you will also be expected to practice course work you’ve covered, prepare for upcoming classes, organize study sessions, utilize the resources we provide, and on and on and on. There is a lot of effort to put in, but there is a lot of reward to be reaped. We need you to be PUMPED.

Afraid You’ll Lose Touch Once the Course is Over? We Give you the Tools to Master the Language AND Retain it.

The 6-month program provides you with mastery in the Arabic language. But your Arabic doesn’t stop with the course; we offer you materials that you can keep for the rest of your life. These will help you retain your education for your peace of mind. You get to keep all of this material and refer to it whenever you like, at your convenience.

  1. From the time you reserve your seat, you get instant access to Shariah Program’s entire Year 1 material. This includes ALL the pre-recorded lectures, videos, MP3s, transcripts, slides, supplementary study aides and other documentation. This brain-damage-inducing truckload of content is yours as soon as you reserve your seat, so you have ample time to dig in at your leisure and get a head start. And this material will continue to be available to you forever after so you can always come back, revise, tune-up, refresh or even redo the entire program on your own.
  2. We give you hard copies of each course textbook for you to keep forever. You will be able to add these to your personal Arabic library and refer back to them whenever you wish. But remember: with the mastery of Arabic you get with Shariah Program, you won’t be looking back to these books for a refresher; you’ll be looking back on these books with pride and a sense of immense accomplishment. You’ll look back on these books only to remember the 6 months you invested in yourself that changed your life.
  3. You also get lifetime access to our 2nd year classes, a value of over $2,000. Many students take our second online year and return back to redo the year once, twice, even three times because we’re always changing the material and studying new Surahs of the Qur’an. As an intensive student, you will have lifetime access to this and you will be able to take the second online year as many times as you like at no cost to you. Improve your conversation skills, deepen your knowledge of the Qur’an, solidify your understanding of advanced material… we give you the opportunity to continuously grow for the rest of your life. We never leave you alone. We are always with you. So don’t hesitate; take us up on this incredible opportunity.

Recent review


“Next Ramadan, you will be able to understand Quran during taraweeh.”

What a compelling assertion! It sounded highly unlikely that I, of all people, would be able to achieve this lifelong goal in merely six months. I took the dive anyway!

Now, having completed the Shariah Program’s Six Month Intensive, I can say with confidence that I have the grammatical tools to approach the Arabic language without feeling overwhelmed. Mufti Yusuf’s teaching method is intense, fast-paced and requires a full-time six month commitment. How you answer the following questions will determine your success in this program:

  1. Are you serious enough to put on hold all unrelated distractions: employment, other educational commitments, miscellaneous activities?
  2. Are you willing to put in the time to listen to 6-8 weeks of online material PRIOR to the start of the course?
  3. Do you intend to keep up-to-date with the material and be prepared for class EVERYDAY?

If you can answer yes to these three questions, you are on your way to achieve enormous results, inshaAllah.

Mufti Yusuf uses many unique teaching techniques and exposes the students to several genres of Arabic texts: Quran, grammar (nahw), logic (mantiq), rhetoric (balagha), tafsir, prose, poetry. I found this exposure very beneficial as it introduced me to a variety of writing styles (and thought processes) employed by Islamic scholars. I particularly enjoyed our study of Imam Al-Ghazali’s books on logic and Mufti Yusuf’s ‘insider’ knowledge on tafsir, balagha, Arabic prose and much more. May Allah give tawfiq to the 2012 students to benefit from this most unique of opportunities.

Fauzia C.
Oakville, ON



Q: Will this particular program be offered in 2013?

A: There is a strong likelihood that the 2012 intensive is the last time ever Mufti Yusuf teaches in this format. Given the exponential growth we’ve experienced in the online classes over the last year alone (600+ students per semester, compared to 120 less than a year ago), Mufti Yusuf may realistically not be able to teach the 6-Month intensive any longer.

Q: Is there any discount I may qualify for?

A: Yes. If you are (or were) a Shariah Program student that has submitted payment for the 1st and/or 2nd year Online Program, you may apply up to $1,000 of already-submitted tuition to your total for the 2012 Intensive Program. This will bring down your tuition to $6,200.

Also, 2 members of the same immediate family may deduct $1,000 each.

Q: If I’m coming from out of town, how much should I budget for living expenses and how exactly will you assist me in finding affordable accommodations?

A: If you are single and willing to have up to 2 other room-mates, then we will try and find rental accommodations where the living costs will be split 3 ways. For instance, in the 2011 intensive there were 3 sisters from out-of-town for whom we arranged an apartment (5 minute bus ride from the venue). The portion of rent per student came out to ~$275. At times, it may not be possible to have 3 people share a single unit, so at the high-end one should budget $400-450/month. A married couple (with or without children) can expect something in the vicinity of $800/month.

On our part, we will get in contact with you in late November with options regarding accommodations. Over phone and email, we will co-ordinate with you and speak to the landlord on your behalf. We will then submit the lease deposit (usually first and last months rent) which you will reimburse us for upon your arrival.

In the extremely unlikely event that a single student registers and we are not able to assist with finding a room-mate, then you may cancel out of the program for a full refund.

Q: If I feel I can manage the course load while also working part-time (because of previous exposure), may I still apply?

We tried to explain the commitment above and if you truly feel that you will be able to manage, then we see no reason why your application should be denied. In fact, there is great benefit in these face-to-face classes and it is indeed a rare opportunity that may never be repeated. One sister who did the 2011 intensive was a psychologist running 4 clinics! She managed to get through the first 4 months of the intensive. In fact her story is worth mentioning. Here is her brief testimonial:


Embarking on the intensive six month course is both a commitment and a challenge. I started this program with basic Arabic letter recognition. It was quite overwhelming the first few weeks as the course is taught in Arabic and I struggled however I persevered and was amazed to see how much I learned in a matter of a few months from becoming more fluid in my Arabic reading and writing to being able to decipher verbs from nouns to prepositions. I was doubly impressed as this was an achievement accomplished whilst working full time and managing a household and doing little to no homework…literally just by attending the classes.

Mufti Mullan’s program provides you with a strong foundation to classical Arabic. He provides you with the tools needed for further growth and greater understanding. His approach is multimodal tapping into a variety of learning styles ie visual auditory and kinesthetic which i found to be excellent for optimal learning. The course moves at a very swift pace and one needs to ensure that they have the – out-of-class time to complete homework and revise on their own in order to fully reap the benefits.

I completed 4 of the six months and can say with upmost confidence that by the end of the four months I was reading the Quran with greater ease and with assistance was able to understand some passages. I am looking forward to inshallah maybe completing the last two months in the future or via online classes. Nevertheless, the knowledge I have gained in the four months set the foundation and I continually make dua for Mufti Mullan whenever I hear or read the Quran as the knowledge taught was irreplaceable. Jazak Allah Khairun.

I was very hesitant in the beginning to take that plunge but Mufti Mullan provided me with that gentle push and I cannot thank him enough. So if you have a small inkling to learn and understand classical Arabic and to be mesmerized by the verses of the Quran, please let this be a gentle nudge of encouragement to take the plunge as once you do inshallah you will be hooked!

Assalam Alaikum,



Q: What is the schedule for submitting the tuition?

A: $150 is required in order to submit your application and have a chance to ask us questions through email and over the phone. We will not communicate with you regarding the program until you’ve submitted this fully refundable $150 deposit. Once acceptance into the program is communicated to you (usually 7 days from the time the $150 deposit is made), payment instructions will be sent to you. The entire tuition costs must be submitted no later than 60 days from the time of acceptance. It may be submitted in 3 equal installments: the 1st submitted upon acceptance of your application, the 2nd installment 30 days later and the 3rd 30 days after the 2nd.

If, through the interview process, it comes to light that the program is not appropriate for you and you are not accepted, the $150 deposit will be promptly refunded to you.

Q: Can I cancel out of the program at any time and receive a refund?

If you cancel out before December 31, 75% of tuition will be refunded. There will be no refund issued after the month of January has begun. Additionally, if payment has been submitted on your behalf in order to secure accommodations and it is not possible to recover the deposit, this amount will be deducted from your payment before any refund is issued.

Q: Are brothers and sisters separated

A: Yes. The class is partitioned by gender. Both brothers and sister will have benches for their notebooks and full view of the whiteboard and instructor.

Program at a Glance

  • 6 proper years of Arabic in 6 months
  • Taught face-to-face by head instructor
  • Surpasses study at Madrasas by 400%
  • Surpasses all online courses
  • Surpasses 3-year university courses
  • Assumes no more than alphabet knowledge
  • Emphasizes student participation
  • Lots of tools to help you retain what you learn
  • 4 days a week, 5 hrs / day


Contrast that with the traditional, time-tested way that developed of teaching arabic to non-arabs as islam spread to non-arab countries. This is what the Shariah Program in toronto uses and I TOTALLY WHOLE-HEARTEDLY (not shouting, just gushing) recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to read arabic in general (for any purpose … Because of that, in one day of class I learned more than I learned in an entire _year_ of harvard al kitaab-style arabic. Read More…

Everyday we practice verb tables to strengthen our verb recognition and grammar to the point where we are able to read without the diacritical marks in the text. Mufti Yusuf has mastered the method to teach a 3-4 year madrassa curriculum in a matter of 6 months. … It is intensive so make sure that your intention is correct and you want to gain the pleasure of Allah (SWT). As long as you are committed and you try your best, you will be reading the books of the great scholars from our illustrious Islamic past …! Read More…

The first month of the class has been amazing and alhamdulillah what I have learned is tremendously more than all my efforts to learn the language combined, from the last five years or so. Alhamdulillah! This opportunity is indeed a once in a lifetime one Read More…