Early Registration Bonuses

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

Signing up early gives you the benefit of getting a jump start with the
content before class starts on March 26th. Trust me, with 8 years of
experience teaching Arabic, the number one thing a committed student can do
to keep from being overwhelmed is sign up early. Getting through 5-6 weeks
of material before class starts will get you that much needed first exposure
as well as an edge over the rest of the class. Keep in mind, when you are
going through the material the first time, you should aim for only 60-70%

The course does move fast. The biggest favor you can do yourself is to get
through a week’s worth of content every 10 days. That will do wonders for
you. You will know it very well, insha Allah

Here’s how to claim one or both of the 2 early registration bonuses:

1. For the books, please reply to the email that brought you to this page
with your mailing address.*

2. To prepay for the second semester and save $200, please use this link:

Click HERE to prepay for semester 2 and save $200.

Once done, reply to the welcome email indicating that payment has been
submitted for Semester 2. An administrator will adjust your account manually
with the 6 month extension.


P.S. The private message at the forum contains the instructions for
accessing the videos and other content. You can access private messages

*The complimentary books package is only for those who signed up during the month of February using the standard method, i.e. without availing installments.. or based on the early-bird registration which was in effect during the month of January. If you do not qualify and want books, please order them from here:

Click Here to order the books package